St. John’s students excel in RSC Chemistry competition

We are so proud of our 11th grade Higher Level chemistry students!

Nine of our students participated in the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Chemistry Challenge. St. John’s students won a staggering 5 of the 9 prizes available! Three prizes can be won for each section of the challenge and the examination consists of 3 sections in total: Two of which are Chemistry questions. The last is a logical reasoning section. About 100 students from 10 different school around Brussels participated in the challenge.

We asked our young masterminds what they did to prepare for the challenge. The class teachings and revisions they had done before the school examination is what helped them the most. And also, knowing there was a fun treat for participation. The challenge is a voluntary one, but Ms. Tuppeny found a great way to celebrate with the students- with pizza!

Here is the list of winning students:
Evan : 1st place section A and 3rd place section B
Dominic :  2nd place section A
Alice and Akari : Joint 3rd place section A
Casper : 3rd place section C

It is remarkable that every single one of these high performing academic students also excel in the arts, sports or both. Congratulations to all!