“Listen to Me” – Audiobooks from our Library

IMG_2740.JPGThe benefits of audiobooks are looking more and more attractive. To meet the growing demand, St. John’s MHS Library offers a wide selection of audiobooks that students, parents and staff can pick from.

Audiobooks are gaining popularity mainly because of their practicality and convenience. It’s just so easy to pop it into your CD player or download to your smart device to listen to during a commute, while waiting in a queue or even while working out! They are conducive to saving time and multi-tasking. Audiobooks are here to help and are providing a friendly rebuttal to the prevailing “I don’t have time to read” reason for not being able to read enough.

If you take a look at our current selection and find that we do not hold an audiobook that you would like to borrow, you are welcome to put it down on our ‘wish list’, and we will be sure to try our very best to bring it in for you! At this time, we have abounding audiobooks in the category of Young Adult fiction and we encourage students, parents and staff to take advantage of these.

Listen away!