Teacher wellness a priority at St. John’s

20160920_160633.jpgWe adore our students and the hustle and bustle they bring with them. Being a teacher or a non-teaching staff member in our school means that sometimes you just need to unwind in a little bit of silence. St. John’s provides yoga lessons, by  experienced yogi Julia, every Tuesday for all staff members under its Wellness Initiative. The class is meant to benefit the mental and physical health of our amazing educators and those who help run this school efficiently.

The lessons have gotten so popular, that Julie now coaches 2 classes on Tuesdays! Her main aim is to ensure that staff members who are constantly on their toes, standing and/or bending to help the children, are strengthening the right muscles. For those who have a slightly more sedentary professional lifestyle, Julie helps them to get a good stretch in. The class ends with a classic shavasana or corpse pose for that extra boost of relaxation.

St. John’s is going over and above to ensure the wellness of its assiduous staff members, who are so grateful to be a part of this amazing initiative!