We appreciate your appreciation!

July7thBLOGsayingthankyouindifferentlanguages.jpgIt has been a little over a month since our students came back to school with a sense of awareness of the adventure that they would be going on. On the other hand, our new students and families were, understandably, a little hesitant when it came to expectations. A new school, new teachers, new friends, new surroundings, it can all be a little overwhelming! As the staff in your new school, one of our goals at the beginning of the school year is to ensure that your transition is as smooth as it possibly can be. We do everything possible to provide an experience that will leave you with fond memories.

Recently, we have been receiving comments upon comments from some of the new members of our St. John’s community, about their experience with us. Here are a few of the comments:

“He whistled all the way to school- something I’ve never heard” – an 11th grader’s mother

“Everyone is SO nice” – a new 10th grader

“She is enjoying a lot, she loves the soccer team and found a lot of new friends! She is very happy at St. John’s and then so am I. Thank you very much”– a new parent

“He was really happy after this first few days, excited about the future, and looking forward to school! It has not been so in the last few years, so this change is more than welcomed.”– a new parent.

“Let-me once again congratulate you for such marvelous school. It is indeed a very nice school. The boys are very happy with school”- a new parent.

As you may already know, St. John’s provides new families with a buddy parent so that creative-employee-appreciation-ideas-that-show-you-care-zr8cyt-clipartthey have an experienced family that can help them in their transition. Our strong sense of community extends from the students to their parents. Our parents have a book club, running club and several other activities that can be joined by any parent with an interest in the topic. The following are comments regarding our parent-run Welcome Committee:

“Thank you for your e-mail and pairing us with our buddy parent. She has been excellent and made our transition to St. John’s very smooth” – a new parent.

“I sent an e-mail to the running group and started to run with them, they are so lovely…”- a new parent.

This feedback has us swooning! We are so thankful for every single comment and promise to keep serving our best to you!