Turning students into leaders

One-Page Poster-Invite_PS.jpgAt St. John’s, we are constantly thinking of our students’ futures. Our goal is to equip them not only with the information and knowledge needed, but also with the skills to bring them progress and accomplishments in the years to come. We impart this expertise in class every single day through our teachings and demeanour, but this year we are going above and beyond by hosting the first St. John’s Student Leadership Workshop.

This workshop is a specialised workshop intended to allow students to discover more about leading groups through practical skills. The captivating class delivers an entirely hands-on workshop, designed acutely to focus on leadership skills such as ownership, communication, pitching, practical planning, organization, and planning group sessions. The workshop will take place on the 1st of October. You can find more information and register for the event here.

One of our main goals during this workshop is to teach interested students how to lead themselves, but also coach them to be sources of inspiration to others. Our National Honour Society (NHS) students and a specialised team of volunteer teachers have come together to curate this exclusive “don’t miss it” event.