Farmer Steve cracks the mystery of the egg

Did you know a chicken’s egg shell is made up of stones? Or that the hen warms the egg to 31 degrees centigrade before the egg can hatch? If you did not know some of this information, then our curious little first and second graders now know a little more that you!

Today we had a very special visit from Farmer Steve of Ferme du Prevot. Farmer Steve told our students about all the different animals on the farm and what their roles are. In today’s discussion, he focussed on the hen. The kids were fascinated to learn how the chicken eats by directly swallowing its food, since it has no teeth. With the help of props, Farmer Steve demonstrated the entire process of the egg, from formation to laying and then hatching.

The kids had such interesting questions which reflect what goes on in their inquisitive little minds. There were discussions about the different shell colours and questions about what the embryo chick eats when it’s still in the egg. The one thing our thoughtful and sensitive students couldn’t get over is how the mother hen sits on the egg for 21 days! How does the egg not crack!