The importance of teacher encouragement

don__t_stop_believing_wallpaper_by_secretstich-d5472niA song by the band Journey, called “Don’t Stop Believing”, tells the story about a small town girl living in a lonely world, and a city boy, both deciding to take a train going ‘anywhere’.

Students that walk the halls and fill our classrooms carry a belief about themselves, either positive or negative.  Maybe they don’t feel they measure up, find it hard to cope due to their ‘back story’, or wonder if they will ever be able to overcome their personal challenges, for example self-doubt, focus, personal loss, transition issues, that leave a part of their dreams (or sorrows) behind in the last place they lived… on and on… it goes.

Every day we, as teachers, seize the opportunity to empower these students with belief. To believe in something, someone, their future, their personal gifts and talents, some yet to be discovered; which is sometimes the motivating force that propels students forward into greatness. I am in awe when our students discover that belief deep down inside that helps them positively conquer their fears and self-doubts, which, through the ordinary days of the inspiration from teachers to students, mounts up to great moments!

May our message, Don’t stop believing, continue to be a positive united force to our students, as they seize the amazing opportunities to express their talents, gifts, passions from this campus.

Thank you, St. John’s teachers, for doing this so well, each and every day.

By Pam Mobley, MS/HS counselor