Safety in Grade 2: Stop. Look. Wave.

IMG_3503.JPGIt’s never too early to teach our students about safety. Knowing about road safety could protect them from a potentially dangerous situation. So we got in touch with our friends over at Volvo, and asked them to come over and give the first and second graders a talk on road safety and etiquette. Volvo obliged, and Christa and her virtual Volvo truck driver friend, Tim came in. Together, they taught our students some important lessons!

One of the most important take-away was the phrase Stop Look Wave. The children were shown how imperative it is for them to come to a complete stop, make eye contact with the driver, and wave at them to acknowledge that they will be passing through after receiving a wave or head nod in return as recognition and approval. Volvo even set up a toy truck on a make-believe busy cross street on a table in class, to demonstrate how difficult it is for truck drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists who are not in their line of vision, especially while turning. This practical explanation excited the kids and helped them understand the visibility issues.

At the end of the presentation, the kids filled in information for their own paper licenses to display their knowledge from the Volvo Road Safety session. Volvo also handed out reflective wrist bands that the students can wear while outdoors to help with visibility.

Remember kids- Look left, look right and look left again. And stop, look and wave. Stay safe!