Environmentally conscious 7th graders

img_3451We all know the importance of being environmentally aware. It is something that is now instilled in us, and most of us do our best to separate our garbage and recycle the right manner. In every small way that we can, we try to ready St. John’s students not only for college or the professional world, but also to be good citizens to our planet.

Our 7th grade students get together once a week, on Wednesdays, for about 30 minutes to walk around the school and collect waste paper for recycling. Teachers leave the dry waste paper in a bin outside their rooms and the students empty it out into a specialized bag and send it off for recycling. Over time they are understanding how easy it really is and are informed on the long term effects and benefits- preserving our natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emission, freeing up landfill space for non-recyclable trash and, of course, saving energy.

It’s heartwarming to see these 7th graders joyfully walking through our hallways and making a game out of accumulating the paper- Who can get the most paper or who can get to a room to collect before someone else?