Religion and its Impact

Our students are always encouraged to get a thorough perspective of the world. Through many different subjects that are taught by experts at St. John’s, we give them the information and skills they need to form a more wholesome approach to disparate people, countries, religions, cultures and so on.

In their Sociology of Religion class, our 10th and 11th graders learn about the multiple theories of religion. Earlier this week, the classes were broken into groups and given specific topics regarding the impact of various religions on society. Our teacher, Dr. Castillo-Coronado, believes that having the students do research, create a presentation, and stand up to speak in front of a whole class, helps them be more aware of and familiar with the material while building their confidence.

The students presented on 19th century religious influencers and thinkers, such as Auguste Compte, Max Weber, Karl Marx and Émile Durkheim. They have also been learning about the origins of modern day organized religion and its impression on civilization to be able to understand the effects. They mentioned that their core concepts were further strengthened by having to present and discuss these topics with their fellow classmates out aloud in class. IMG_3853.JPG