Preparing for SATs with PSATs

20161019_115950.jpgThis week, our 11th graders are taking Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Tests (PSATs). As you may know, the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs) are standardized tests taken by High School students, the scores of which are most widely used for admissions to colleges in the U.S. The PSAT is a practice version of this standardized examination.

This practice test is an insight on the real assessment and helps the students understand not only the kind of questions that will be asked, but also the time quota they will have to complete each section. We have been asked before, why does it matter to prepare for this exam when it is just for ‘practice’? So we thought we would explain a few of the many reasons.

As mentioned before, the PSAT is a terrific way to become acquainted with the content, structure and process of actually taking the SAT. You can learn what your weaknesses might be, and have the time to focus on it before the real exam. Unfortunately, if you don’t take the PSAT and study for it, you won’t be getting a complete account of where you may lack. For most students, the common feedback is regarding endurance. While practicing at home or school, they didn’t realize how mentally fatigued they would be by the last section. The PSATs give you a thorough idea of what to expect.

We wish our 11th graders the best of luck!