Getting to know your multilingual buddy

img_5816As you may already know, St. John’s has a Dual Language Program (DLP) from Pre-Kindergarten up to Grade 4. The students are taught material in both French and English, to help strengthen their foundation of both languages. Next school year, the DLP will extend to Grade 5 as well.

To promote the interaction in different languages, we “buddy up” children from different grades. On Thursday, we arranged a small ceremony for the buddies to meet and get to know one another.

The ceremony started with a multilingual sing-a-long. The children were excited and all participated in singing “Good Afternoon Everybody” and the “Pizza Song.” Next, the buddies were paired up and introduced to one another. They had a short conversation to discuss what they would like to play together. And then they were off! Some chose to take advantage of the beautiful Fall weather outdoors and play football, some took chances pushing one another on the swings, while others stayed indoors and coloured. The children were asked to stick with their buddy and find something to do that both would enjoy.

Then, it was time for the ceremony. Everyone gathered around the designated tree to hang hand painted discs. The discs represent all the different grades and variety of cultures coming together to be a part of the same foundation (the tree). The children symbolically recognized the growth of our excellent Dual Language Program while decorating the tree with the work of our students.

All in all, it was a beautiful afternoon!