Location guessing with an overseas school

img_5916Grade 6 had a very interesting and entertaining Skype call from students across the globe! St. John’s set up a small encounter for our students to have a chat with their peers in the U.S. Neither knew which city, or even country the other class was from. Each class worked together to take chances in asking questions to the students from the other school to try and zero in on which country and city they are from.

The children asked questions such as- Are you above or below the equator? Did you just get to school? Is your country from the Lost Lands? And so on so forth to get more clues on the others geographical location. Few guesses were made before the correct answers were given by the students.

St. John’s was one question behind when the other school made their educated guess and figured we were in Belgium! In the next turn, St. John’s students narrowed the location down to Ohio and they were correct! So we are going to call this one a draw.

All in all, a wonderful experience with students in the US and a great hands-on experience for our curious 6th graders!