Grade 10 enjoys 24-hour long theatre workshop

IMG_1991.jpgOnce a year, the 10th Grade IB Theatre students partake in a 24-hour long workshop. For an entire day, they eat, breathe and sleep theater. This year, this event took place after school on October 25-26, ending with the students performing for their peers and those interested in being an audience to their creation.

The 11th graders have been receiving training in Device Theatre from professionals in London. They are the ones conducting the entire workshop for the 10th graders, with supervision from the Head of the High School Drama Department, Thom Graham. The students take complete ownership of the program and the production, making them more focused and fearless in future conceptions. They follow a strict schedule by the hour to make sure that they are as productive as possible, taking breaks as they see fit. They are so committed to creating, that they sleep and shower in the school!

This is the 9th consecutive year that the 24-hour Theatre Workshop has been on and seeing what a big success the students’ production turns out to be, it is safe to say that this will be another St. John’s classic tradition.