Going back in time – Bruegel games!

img_6037Once a year, Grade 5 takes a trip far back in time, all the way to the Renaissance period! This was when the famous artist Bruegel created his master pieces. The children are taught a little bit more about this with an activity that connects art to their PE lessons. We convert our sports arena into a recreational renaissance land like the ones depicted in Bruegel’s art, where the kids play games as they were back then.

The games are simple ones, made mainly out of wood like in the medieval period. Through this tie in with the Grade 5 unit of study, the children are taught trans-disciplinary elements such as respecting and coordinating with one another, various motor skills, spatial awareness and so on.

The children enjoyed walking on stilts, pretending they were riding a horse (by sitting on a cycle or Coach Simon’s back) while putting the stick through the hanging ring (unanimously the hardest of all games), playing a medieval version of bowling, skipping ropes, sitting on a balance beam without falling etc. In their reflection notes they mentioned the various PE skills they used for the activities arranged like core strength, balancing, and hand-eye coordination.