Students participate in Middle School Leadership Conference

balloons-boysOn one of the final weekends before the Fall Break, our newly appointed team of Middle School Student Council Representatives returned to school to participate in the inaugural Middle School Leadership Conference.

The morning was arranged by Ms. Annafe Malinab and was modeled on the HS Leadership Conference conducted a few weeks earlier. Envisioned as an opportunity to anchor our Class Representatives into a sense of who they are as individual leaders and as a team, the morning was open only to Student Council representatives. However, future Leadership conferences may be designed to have a broader intake of students from across the Middle School.

We met of C-Level and after some fun icebreakers we engaged in an activity that developed our understanding of the leadership styles we naturally are orientated towards. Called the Leadership Compass Point Activity, we filled out a questionnaire and used our responses to guide us as to where on the leadership compass we are orientated – be it towards the Northern Active leadership style, the Eastern Visionary leadership style, the Southern Nurturing leadership style, or the Western Analytical leadership style. A sharing and reflection session led to the realization that our team of Class Representatives is made up of a mix of all these different styles. Importantly, we also acknowledged that each style has its role to play – each has its strengths, and each needs the support of other types of leaders to reach a goal or objective.

We also looked at team building and the four phases of team development – Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. This activity has equipped us with an understanding of how to read the dynamics of the teams we are involved in and what is normal for teams to experience as they work together on tasks.

After a little snack, kindly provided by Ms. Malinab, we played another game and then broke into our separate committees to start developing some SMART Goals for each of our committees to aim at over the coming months before Christmas. This was a fruitful session and we left with a united sense of what each Committee wants to achieve before the end of 2016.

The morning was a great success and the Student Representative Council looks set to make great contributions to the life of the Middle School this year. Special thanks goes to Ms. Malinab for making this possible.