Encouraging Your Child to Take Up a Hobby

As adults, we understand the importance of a life-long hobby. It is unique to your own taste and talent and something that you can truly call your own. It provides entertainment and relaxation- both of which are much needed in our busy lives.

While it’s never too late to start a new activity, to be able to get the most out of it and a chance to nurture it, the best time to introduce a new hobby is at a young age. Hobbies are a great way to connect with yourself and often offer a chance to meet people with similar tastes. 14947566_10154602110521153_8935176276581306523_n.jpg

At St. John’s we do everything we can to encourage our young learners to try various activities and asses which ones they enjoy the most. We offer multiple sports and creative arts. These are offered in both the school curriculum, and in the after-school activities program. Your child could learn how to play an instrument, wall climb or dance ballet, among many other choices.

The new offerings of after-school activities start on November 28. We hope our offerings will provide your child with an activity to get excited about!