St. John’s Family Support group helps families in need

St. John’s has a very warm and welcoming community where people feel at home from the moment they arrive. We also have groups in place to help families when they first arrive at St. John’s, most notably the Welcome Committee. This group of parent volunteers helps each new St. John’s family by providing them with a buddy family, a useful handbook with information on medical services, stores, language courses and much more. They also organize events where new parents can meet other St. John’s parents.

We have another group that helps St. John’s families who are going through a difficult family2time. The Family Support group assists families within the St. John’s community in times of need, such as when there is a birth, injury, illness or death in the family.  Family Support helps such families on a short-term basis by, among other things, providing meals, shopping for groceries, assisting with transportation, and caring for children or pets.  When a crisis arises, the Family Support coordinator alerts a large team of volunteers and arranges the help needed for that particular family.

Having a Family Support team is just one of the things that makes St. John’s such a special school with an amazing community. We thank all our volunteers for their time, efforts and dedication to the school and its community.