Students get ready to perform “Chicago”

poster.jpgEvery year, St. John’s students produce a play/musical in November that is attended not only by fellow students, families and faculty, but also by interested community members. Last year, these talented students reenacted Les Misérables. This year they will be bringing the musical Chicago to the stage of St. John’s!

We interviewed Ceola, a student who is one of the female leads, to get an understanding of her first-hand experience partaking in the musical. This is Ceola’s first year at St. John’s and she says that one of the best outcomes was that she was able to meet a lot of great students with similar interests as her. About 50 students make up the cast and back stage crew. The musical is extremely professionally produced. They have been going through long rehearsals which can get tiring since the musical is dance focused, but the practice has helped immensely with their confidence in being on stage in front of a large audience. In the earlier stages of rehearsal, they had broken the sessions into 3 sections- acting, singing and dancing. Over the past few days, they have begun to do complete run-throughs to fine tune things like entrances and exists. Ceola says that there have been hilarious bloopers during practice that has had the whole team in splits and this makes the rehearsals even more fun!

The students are super charged and hoping to perform in front of full audiences. If you are interested in watching this production, tickets are available at the door. The timings for the play are 19:00 on Friday November 25th, 19:00 on Saturday November 26th and 15:00 on Sunday November 27th. If you do not have your tickets yet, there will be tickets for sale at the door, so do not miss this amazing production!