The impressive history of the St. John’s basketball program

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The St. John’s Varsity Boys Basketball team’s 3rd consecutive ISST championship in 2005.

As a former pro-basketball player, Coach Davis immediately noticed the lack of a basketball program when he joined St. John’s in 1985. Within about a year, he helped establish a program for the Middle School. The students took to the sport, especially since at the time, St. John’s was home to many American families who were particularly enthusiastic about basketball.

One unique family that had 8 children enrolled in St. John’s, helped set the foundation for success in basketball. Some of their children were part of the team and seemed to have a natural flair for it. In 1991, St. John’s won 3rd place in the ISST championships, but this would just be the beginning.

By 2003, Coach Davis’ own son had made it to the basketball team. The team went on to win the ISST championship and building St. John’s reputation as a force in international school sports. While this was a huge accomplishment in itself, from 2003 until 2007, the Varsity Boys team never lost a game: They had 87 wins in a row!

Coach Davis stresses player health, teamwork and understanding. His ultimate goal is to develop young men and help their futures, whether as athletes or in other professional jobs.  Team members are encouraged to find a balance between academics and sports. If they are interested in being a part of the arts programs as well, the coaches mentor them to be able to find a way for the students to combine it all successfully. And the mentoring seems to be working as more than 80% of St. John’s top academic students are athletes!

By Indira Khara, Community Engagement Coordinator

To learn more about coach Davis, his impact on the athletic program at St. John’s and on the international school basketball circuit, please read this article that was published in “ROAR” a few years ago.