CAS Students Exhibit their Projects

poster_cas_exhibition_20161.jpgOn Tuesday December 20, CAS students will be exhibiting their projects in the MHS Library between 14:00 to 15:15. The event is expected to be attended by interested peers, parents and faculty. We spoke with a CAS student leader named Barnaba to get an inside look on what we can expect from this get together.

Barnaba is a leader of the Debate Society. The Project Exhibition is a platform to be able to showcase the projects the CAS clubs/societies have been working on over the past year. Various clubs representing the 3 sectors of CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) such as programming, chess, football, MUN and so on, will be presenting. The idea is for the leaders and members to be able to demonstrate what they have worked on through the year and give evidence of their learnings. The different clubs are able to share their progress not just as a team, but on an individual level as well. The students are encouraged to reflect on what they have gained and learned over the course of the year and how this correlates to what they already know about their individual learner profiles. Barnaba graciously adds that while reflecting he realizes that he has become more open-minded as a leader of the Debate Society.