Survey shows alumni cherish their time at St. John’s

alum survey final.pngWe recently conducted a survey with our alumni. More than 100 respondents provided feedback and the results were impressive: 97% of respondents reported to be happy to go to school every day; 98% felt safe at school, 93% became more self confident during their time at St. John’s and 93% felt accepted for who they were.

These results are not surprising, given the ongoing positive feedback we receive from alumni who cherish their time at St. John’s as some of the best years of their lives. The St. John’s values of companionship, integrity and respect have been and continue to be very much alive throughout the school and these results certainly prove that.

Here are some of the alumni comments from the survey:

“I’d never experienced such a diverse and accepting student body and faculty before St. John’s. Cliques didn’t seem to exist. You could be a theater maven AND a star of the volleyball team. A math guru AND and artist. My experience was so enriching.”

“With hindsight – and having significant experience of several leading universities in Europe and North America, as well as now the diplomatic community – I am confident that St. John’s is among the top educational institutions in the world for the leaders of tomorrow.”

We thank all alumni who participated in the survey.