What is in your lunch box?

img_6452Over the last week, our Elementary students have been receiving crucial information on health education, focusing primarily on a healthy nutrition. While exercise and movement are essential, the students were told about the various benefits of a healthy diet, and also educated about the different types of food groups. They were given an overview on the necessity of each one of these groups. After their lesson it was time to implement what they learned!

Yesterday, Grade 5 brought a healthy and environmentally sustainable lunch. The PE coaches looked over their individual lunch boxes and had a discussion with them on whether the lunches met all the criteria for a healthy meal. If not, then what could they add to make it a complete nutritional one? The students devoured their healthy meals, most of which included dairy, fruit, grains, lean meat/poultry/fish/tofu/eggs, and vegetables.

After the meal, the waste was collected in a large silver bowl and taken to a compost so the students could see the benefits of a sustainable and environmentally-friendly meal, with limited plastic!