Grade 7 makes its own museum

The 7th grade has been having a very cultural couple of weeks. The art and social studies classes are collaborating for an interesting project. The students have been focusing on the Renaissance period and learning a lot about it in a very creative and special way. In their art and social studies classes, they have been creating their very own museum which will be open to the public to come by and appreciate!

This talented bunch has been visiting the Royal Museum of Art and History to be able to experience the masterpieces of the era. They have been paying attention to each piece and learning the history and understanding the nuances. After studying these pieces, they have gained inspiration and ideas on how to go about creating their very own exhibits.

On December 19th, the students will set up their museum in the PAC foyer, where everyone is invited to swing by and understand their vision of the period while enjoying the art and projects created by our 7th graders through the numerous workshops put together for them.