Grade 1 have a playful time at the toy museum

Grade 1 students recently went on a fun and educational field trip that focused on depicting where we are in time and place. The students were shown how children’s lifestyles had changed. Years ago, toys did not look the way they do now. They were not even made of plastic. Usually they were fashioned from pieces of wood. The students learnt all this and got a chance to play with toys that were imitations of those used during the renaissance period.

They had a wonderful time visiting the Toy Museum in Mechelen. They learnt about the variety of games being played in Children’s Games, the painting by the famous Flemish renaissance artist, Bruegel. They even got to see a pair of ice skates made of animal bones just the way it was created many years ago! They played with marbles and rings, and many more, and learnt about the evolution of the toys while playing games from that era. The students were interested in learning about the different ways in which children would play back then and how their lifestyle differed from their very own.