Inter-disciplinary assessment in Middle School

IMG_0238.JPGOn Wednesday, grade 8 students had a successful artistic collaboration that received great reviews. An inter-disciplinary assessment was organized for these students as a trial to fulfill the Middle Years Programme (MYP) assessment criteria. As some may be aware, St. John’s will be a candidate for the MYP soon. This program requires a more cooperative approach to unit planning and the assessment is required to be true to life.

One of our teachers, Ms. Tyson, has previous experience in the field. With her expertise and Mr. Ambrozy’s creativity, the visual arts and drama students collaborated over a period of 3 weeks for the purpose of this project. The visual arts students conceived and constructed sculptures inspired by the drama students, and in turn, the drama students incorporated these fine sculptures into their dance, having received them just before their performance. The performance is entirely devised by students and involves gestures and synchronized movements, among others. Both groups delivered impressive results and this trial was definitely a successful one!