Grade 11 students conduct health surveys

img_7202Our grade 11 students have been busy in their English class, creating and analyzing surveys focusing on health and happiness. The subjects for the survey were their High School peers and faculty. The class was divided into two groups with each group creating their own set of questions. Once the surveys were built, they interviewed their subjects on the condition of anonymity, so as not to disclose their choices and protect their identity. 

The conclusions from the surveys were informative and showed that females tend to be healthier than img_7205males. Some 12th grade students get as little as 5 hours of sleep during high pressure periods when projects are due and in the exam periods. It was also noticed that students had different definitions of what being “healthy” means; while some considered physical health important, others put more emphasis on mental and spiritual health.

The students discovered that everyone has the intention of being healthy. They enjoy discussions with the respondents since they made sure the questions had an element of depth to them.