IB Visual Arts Final Showcase and Auction

Poster final jpeg (1).jpgOn Friday April 21 from 18:00 – 20:00, the Visual Art Class of 2017 will be showcasing a selection of their work from the past two years as a final exam/exhibition. But this isn’t any regular showcase! This exhibition gives you the opportunity to buy the beautiful work created by this talented group of students. The auction begins at 19:00, and all proceeds go to The Rahula Trust.

Each student’s exhibit represents a personal creative journey with both visual and medium experimentation, depicted in their practical studio work. The work features a range of art from observational drawings in various materials to the creation of architectural models imagined for both the real and utopian worlds. Sculptures in various mediums including composite stone, plaster, ceramics and paper combined with lighting, evokes natural human and organic forms. Abstract paintings in oil and acrylic hang alongside dreamlike photography and paintings that open windows to beautiful landscapes. Fashion and graphic design features along frames that transition between static and moving images both on canvas and in digital photography, film and video accompanied by surreal images and strange spaces.

The students have uploaded their e-portfolios to the International Baccalaureate (IB) exam site featuring photographs, text, and videos of their work. Now we would love to have the community gather to celebrate our skilled artists’ individual and collective achievements!