St. John’s student to read at Memorial Day ceremony

Mrs. Anne Ruscher  Hincka  Daniel  (11895).JPGThe American Overseas Memorial Day Association Belgium (AOMDA) has selected St. John’s Grade 10 student Daniel to speak at this year’s Memorial Day Ceremony at the Flanders Field American Cemetery.

This ceremony brings together Americans, Belgians, and others to remember the sacrifices that were made to achieve today’s liberty and to reaffirm our devotion to common values.  The ceremony has taken place annually since 1923. It is a solemn and moving event that is steeped in tradition. Several high-level representatives of the American and Belgian governments and militaries will be in attendance.

Daniel will read John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields” which symbolizes the struggle of the First World War and the sacrifice that was made by the soldiers who are buried at the cemetery.  For that reason, the cemetery was named after this poem. By reciting this poem, Daniel will be reminding the attendees of what the ceremony and the cemetery are all about.

Congratulations to Daniel on being selected for this very high honour.Red Poppy