Grade 1 designs a shelter for Lucky the lion

The students in Grade 1 have been extremely busy these last six weeks, learning about materials, their properties and uses.

At the beginning of the Inquiry cycle we were “Tuning In” to the students’ prior knowledge.  Their task was to design a shelter for Lucky The Lion!  This week, as part of the summative assessment task, they had the exciting opportunity to test their shelters against the elements of rain, wind and if they chose to be challenged, they designed a shelter that would also float.  The students were using all their science skills as they had made many hypotheses, observed and recorded what they saw happen.  They then went back to tell what improvements they would make based on their learning experience.

We closed this unit with a culminating project where the students became experts in a material of their choice.  They read books, did research at home and made a small book in I.C.T based on their findings. This resulted in a fun morning of sharing their expert knowledge with their Grade 1 friends.  They took turns visiting different “materials experts” adding to their understanding of materials.  Great work 1st graders!